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Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
Baka - What films do you recommend from last year and have they since come out on disc?
I think I posted a list somewhere on here, no idea where, but my favourites were Tragedy Girls, 68 Kill, Better What Out, The Villainess and The Bar. I enjoyed the vast majority of what I'd seen, things like Dead Shack, Game Of Death, Lowlife and Sequence Break are well worth checking out too. No idea what is and isn't available on disc, I know Better What Out and The Villainess both got releases, 68 Kill did too, sadly DVD only here.

I also find myself gravitating towards films that were shown at previous FrightFest's, I caught It Stains The Sands Red on Shudder and found it really entertaining. One of those concepts where you can't believe they quite got away with it, especially when the penny drops why the film is titled 'It Stains The Sands Red'.
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