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Absolutely stacked! Some of the newly commissioned supplements on Night Of The Demon in particular sound interesting, Frayling, Fujiwara (I have his Preminger book, but not his Tourneur one; must rectify) and Newman. The Truth of Alchemy sounds like it will be interesting too, and thankfully there's a video feature about the version differences.

Not going to lie I was hoping for some Crawford in the Castle set, but honestly wasn't expecting so, since her work was towards the latter stages of his output. Do we know what's in the remaining set? The Old Dark House was confirmed, right? So Strait-Jacket, The Night Walker and I Saw What You Did? Or would 13 Frightened Girls be in place of one of them? Looking forward to finding out. I already own the Scream Factory release of I Saw What You Did, but I'm more than happy to double dip if the second volume is as lavish as the first.
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