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Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
I thought i might buy Bodyguard. I think it's only 13 on dvd which isn't bad. Like you i know nothing about it.

There's a new Le Carre adaptation starting this Sunday - The Little Drummer Girl. Think i'll watch it live. Should be a good evenings entertainment - Doctor Who, a forty minute break then a good drama.
As you liked The Night Manager, I think you'd enjoy Bodyguard. Both are very well plotted and include a mix of action and political machinations. The acting calibre in The Night Manager is probably higher but they both feature very high production values and you are never quite sure of anyone's agenda and, if you think you have it figured out, it makes you question your own morals in that scenario.

Like you say, 13 for the DVD set isn't bad because it is something which (personally speaking) I would return to to watch with a full knowledge of what was happening and why, then have a break and watch again when my memory of all the different narrative and character arcs is a bit fuzzy!

I've heard of The Little Drummer Girl and will probably put it on a season record on my V+ box. I haven't seen any of the new Doctor Who yet, but could watch the first three episodes this evening; I did enjoy the Christmas special, which was the first episode I have probably ever seen.
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