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Been getting into some old 'classics' recently. Nothing better than a creeky, vintage black and white horror to warm up those cold nights...

Recently I've seen;

- The Devil Bat - Mad Scientist, Bela Lugosi invents an aftershave...with a twist. Wear it at your own risk as a giant killer bat will come for you. Great fun!

- The Giant Claw - Brilliant monster movie, about a giant alien buzzard - the size of a battleship! - reaping havoc on the world. Great fun - love the crazy effects in this one. Ridiculous science mumbo-jumbo language in here.

- Frankenstein Meets The Spacemonster - Mad Scientist's creation, Frankenstein takes on a creature from outer space. Nuts! Bonus points for a young James 'Return-Of-The-Living-Dead' Karen.

- Invasion Of The Saucer Men - Iconic 50's aliens VS a bunch of teens. I just love the way they spoke back then, all the 50's teen slang. Good stuff (though not as fun as the above films)

- Glen Or Glenda - My fave Ed Wood film. Great fun 'documentary' about someone who is definitely NOT a homosexual...

- The Manster - Mad Scientist injects a guy with a strange serum, transforming him into a Jekyll/Hyde esque monster. Army Of Darkness pays tribute to the eye on the shoulder scene and the two heads...
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