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Originally Posted by SymbioticFunction View Post
Really disappointed with Halloween 2018, especially considering all of the positivity that the film generated. The film struggles to provide any real tension and it all feels quite forgettable imo. I honestly thought that H20 was better and I don't even own that. After viewing this, I immediately felt like rewatching the vastly superior original Halloween II.

btw It's certainly not a popular opinion but I honestly thought that the two Rob Zombie entries were superior (although the kid Myers segment of part one is fairly excruciating). I couldn't award Halloween 2018 any more than a six out of ten, the John Carpenter score is the best thing about it.
Nice one. I thought I was alone in being disappointed with the movie.
It did nothing for me at all and to be honest I was bored.
I saw it at the cinema and won't be seeing it again. And yes, I agree the music was the best thing about it.
I'm sticking with the original Halloween and Halloween II. They are the only films in the franchise that mean anything to me.
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