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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Frontios Part 1
Range: Paranoia. Your minds are being eaten away by the scale of the disaster we call Frontios. Can't you see this man is here to help us?
Plantagenet: I say treachery, Mister Range. Are you guilty too?
(Range walks away, shaking his head.)
The Doctor: You know, we can sort all this out in no time at all if everyone just stays calm. Now please, come and see the Tardis. As an invasion weapon it's about as offensive as a chicken vol au vent.
Frontios Part 2
Range: What do you think you're doing?
Tegan: I'm, I'm trying to get the drawer open, if you really want to know.
Range: Curiosity is dangerous on Frontios.
Tegan: Not as dangerous as ignorance.
Frontios Part 3
(The Gravis speaks to the prisoner in the cage.)
Gravis: The work of excavation is our task. Beneath the soil we can expand and populate the whole of Frontios. Do you understand? It is important that you understand. Speak.
Plantagenet: We will defeat your goal.
Gravis: You do not know our goals. I have described our means. Once we have full control of Frontios, our plans are only just beginning.
Plantagenet: You are evil. We will fight you to the last.
Gravis: This is not a war, Plantagenet. It is a cooperation. You will see.
Plantagenet: The colonists of Frontios will never cooperate with you.
Gravis: And yet they do. We Tractators have devised an economical technology of excavation, but it needs a captive human mind to drive it.
Plantagenet: Captives? Slaves?
Gravis: You will see. You will see. Our old driver is nearing the end of his useful powers, but now we have another to take his place. Do we not, Plantagenet?
Frontios Part 4
The Doctor: Now listen, you two. If the Time Lords ever hear about our little trip to Frontios, there'll be serious trouble.
Turlough: What would have happened if we hadn't been there, Doctor?
Tegan: Well, the Tardis engines would be working properly, for one thing.
The Doctor: Oh, there's nothing wrong with them.
(He hits the console.)
Tegan: Then why are they making that funny noise?
Turlough: We're going far too fast, Doctor. Stop the engines!
The Doctor: No, no, no, leave them. They're all right.
(There is a whumph! sound and the Tardis judders. Everyone hangs on to the console.)
Turlough: What's happening?
Tegan: The Gravis?
The Doctor: Oh no, this is something much more powerful. We're being pulled towards the middle of the universe. I'm trying to pull against it.
Tegan: Against what?
The Doctor: I don't know. I think we're about to find out.
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