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The on-going saga of K-9!

Despite being first mentioned back in October 2015...

...and then languishing in 'Development Hell until a new design in May 2017...

...and some casting news in July 2017...

...and a director being linked to the project in December 2017...

...and an update saying a major project in the pipeline to bring K9 back as the standalone hero that he deserves to be in September 2018...

the story refuses to die!

Doctor Who’s robot dog K9 to be hero of new spin-off series for children | The Daily Mirror

"Doctor Who’s robot dog K9 is set for a comeback in a new TV series for children.

The much-loved metal mutt, who first appeared in 1977 alongside fourth Doctor Tom Baker, will be the “standalone hero” in a major new project.

The series will see a re-designed K9, who appears to be a bit battle damaged, taking part in a space war.

A source revealed: “He’s going to look more industrial and be covered in rivets.”

K9, a play on the word canine, was originally created by Dave Martin and Bob Baker.

He has already featured in several spin-offs including K9 and Company in 1981.

He was revived for the 21st century reboot of Doctor Who with David Tennant in 2006 and appeared in The Sarah Jane Adventures from 2007.

An independent K9 series voiced by original actor John Leeson was produced in Australia in 2010 and shown on Disney XD and Channel 5.

Two companies are bidding for the latest spin-off, which will be produced in the UK.

Unless it is picked up for broadcast by the BBC, it is unlikely that any Doctor Who references will be permitted."

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