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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Delta And The Bannermen Part 1
Keillor: What an unexpected bonus. You're the traveller in time they call the Doctor. Your death will make me richer still.
The Doctor: If you kill for money, let the girl go. She's worth nothing to you.
Keillor: I don't just kill for money. It's also something I enjoy.
Delta And The Bannermen Part 2
Burton: Now, let me try and get this right. Now, are you telling me that you are not the Happy Hearts Holiday Club from Bolton, but instead are spacemen in fear of an attack from some other spacemen, and because of the danger, you want me to evacuate the entire camp?
The Doctor: An excellent summary, Mister Burton. Now, if you start right away, then we'll be able to get them to safety.
Burton: Oh well, if that is all that is needed, it should be easy. Oh, by the way, can we have space buns and tea afterwards? Or don't they drink tea on Mars?
The Doctor: I thought you might be a little skeptical. What can I do to convince you?
Burton: Oh, this is a waste of time, Doctor.
The Doctor: Listen, Mister Burton. If you don't act right away, innocent people will die! I will do whatever I can to convince you I'm not suffering from some sort of delusion.
Burton: All right, Doctor. Dan das sochivy.
Ray: Meinwyr, meinwyr.
Burton: How about showing us your spaceship, eh?
Ray: Oh, can I come too, Doctor?
The Doctor: Of course, but let's go quickly.
Delta And The Bannermen Part 3
The Doctor: Way hey. Ah, Mister Burton. Thank you for saving Mel's life.
Burton: No, thank you, Doctor. I haven't had such a shindig since I went buffalo hunting in Africa. Oh, it's a ferocious brute, you know, the buffalo.
Goronwy: 1928, hibiscus blossom.
(The Doctor takes the proffered jar of honey.)
The Doctor: Oh, what a sweet gesture. Oh, you're more than a collector, Goronwy. You're a man of taste.
Burton: Oh, good heavens. The Skegness Glee Club, and I haven't got any staff. (A charabanc pulls up.) Oh, I'll have to go. Goodbye, my dear.
Mel: Goodbye.
(Burton runs over to his customers.)
Burton: Ah, welcome, campers. Now I am your camp leader while you are at Shangri La. My name is Burton.
The Doctor: I believe this is your satellite, gentlemen.
(It is hanging up on the camp fence. The Doctor gestures for Mel to get into the Tardis, then raises his hat to Goronwy and follows her.)
Weismuller: We did it! We actually did it, Hawk.
Hawk: It's wonderful! It's wonderful!
Weismuller: Thanks, Doctor.
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