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Originally Posted by Dave Boy View Post
Went to THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK in concert at the Royal Albert Hall today. As with the STAR WARS concert last year, not one person was on their phone. No phone lights, no phones held up and no ringtones.
When I was at pixies last week you be surprised how many people where on their mobiles etc. One bloke even had his headphones on, when I went to see The The last year it was requested that everyone was not to use their mobiles and on one occasion he saw someone on it he stopped the music and gave a speech that it's sad that people pay all that money and can't stop using their mobiles for a couple of hours and how he thinks that they rule people lives.

I keep mine in my pocket and on odd occasion get it out to take a photo but i try and do it in a way I'm not blocking anyone view eg if I can hold it to my chest height and take a pic.
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