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"Thanks to the number of pre-orders we have had for our Television Terrors book it is a success even before we print it, so we will continue to do a book a year with your invaluable help. A couple of things about this one. I think it is our best book yet and we cover stuff that you can't read much about elsewhere. Sadly I had no room for a splendid chapter on the BBC's Louis Jourdan Dracula written by Will Fowler and Vic Pratt of the BFI, two guys who I hope will join us as regular contributors. Instead I've popped this in the new Dark Side, out November 14th. Television Terrors is slanted more towards British TV than American and let me confess upfront that the only reason Buffy is in there is because Rick Melton drew her for the cover! Even my anthology chapter spends more time talking about obscure TV shows from the UK, and whilst One Step Beyond is American, the final series was shot in the UK with the likes of Christopher Lee and Donald Pleasence as guest stars. I'm very grateful to Anton van Beek for covering the post-Millennial TV horrors in his final chapter because like Austin Powers it's not my bag, man. Enjoyed the first series of Walking Dead though. I think the chapters I enjoyed writing the most were those on the ABC Movie of the Week and the other TV movies and mini-series that followed, plus that definitive One Step Beyond piece and Teatime Terrors, where Kevin insisted I include Pingu and my kids wanted Spongebob and Courage. Kev has done a wonderful job on the design as usual and we are so looking forward to taking delivery of 200 boxes x 15 of Television Terrors next Friday."

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