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Originally Posted by Susan Foreman View Post
Letís Scare Jessica To Death

Release date: January 28th, 2020

"Released from an institution after suffering a nervous breakdown, Jessica (Zohra Lampert, The Exorcist III) seeks the tranquility of a secluded home in Connecticut to help make her recovery complete. But instead of a restful recuperation with her husband and close friend in the New England countryside, Jessica soon finds herself falling into a swirling vortex of madness and the supernatural! And an even more unsettling discovery is that the entire region seems to be under the influence of a mysterious woman who has been living in the supposedly empty house. Jessica's fear and dread only intensify when she discovers that the "undead" girl, Emily, tragically drowned long ago, on her wedding day. Is she back to take vengeance?"

Superb film . A UK label really needs to jump on this now that Paramount seem to be more agreeable to licensing. I'll happily import this one but the UK boutiques should be looking to save me as much money as possible
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