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Originally Posted by Nosferatu@Cult Labs View Post

As a high concept film two soldiers are tasked with reaching a Colonel in enemy territory to deliver a message which would prevent 1600 men being massacred the plot is very simple, something which means you can focus on the characters and the actors rather than any narrative complexities.

The bulk of the film is designed to look like it is one single shot, something done with remarkable skill by Sam Mendes, cinematographer Roger Deakins and all the camera operators and the crew. It's underpinned with a wonderful score by Thomas Newman and it's clear a lot of work has gone into the design, costumes, and by every part of the art department to faithfully recreate the numerous aspects of First World War combat in northern France.

This is a brilliant film, one which is gripping from beginning to end, two parts of the film which mirror each other, and sucks you in at the outset and does not release its hold until the credits roll at the end. It's a fantastic technical achievement and an immersive human drama which I hope to see again at the cinema. If that's not possible, and probably even if it is, I'll buy it when it's released and look forward to watching the film and the bonus features about how it was made.

Highly recommended.
Into minds to see this or jojo rabbit this weekend. A couple of people i know have said it's very overrated and a little unrealistic in places.
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