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Originally Posted by SymbioticFunction View Post
I've actually had problems with playing the 4K UHDs in that US Apocalypse Now set. All three versions of the film, stuttered and froze in my Sony UPB x700 player. Luckily the other 20 UHDs that I own, play just fine. It must be some sort of player compatibility issue, I'm hoping for a firmware update to fix it. It's a shame because (when the film is playing okay) it looks absolutely stunning in 4K.
Just wanted to say that I updated the firmware in my Denon receiver and now the theatrical cut of Apocalypse Now plays perfectly. Sadly Redux still freezes a bit over 2 hrs 3 mins in and requires either a fast forward or pressing pause and then play again. Haven't tried final cut yet (since updating my receiver). Obviously I am chuffed to be able to watch theatrical cut without issues.
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