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Taken. 2008.

Ex C.I.A. operative Bryan Mills travels to Paris and puts his skills to the test when his daughter is kidnapped by Albanians who use girls for sex trafficking.

Liam Neeson proves he can kick ass his way in this action flick, a ex counter terrorist specialist with a teen daughter who seems to be spoiled by her rich step father and moody mother played by Famke Janssen. The film does start a bit slow and the pace does quicken up good, to finding the kidnappers and using his own method of torture to find the answers. Never gets boring.

Taken 2. 2012.

Bryan Mills is in Istanbul doing security detail, when his ex wife and daughter appear to join him, unaware the father of one of the kidnappers Bryan killed is seeking revenge.

This was so so sequel, with the changed attitude of the characters, Kim and Lenore have seemed to matured a little bit, Kim not acting spoiled and throwing a tantrum when things don't go her way and Lenore not acting like a spoiled wife and Bryan being too observant. There is action and some fighting scenes , it does have its shady camera work, the shots over and in Istanbul are amazing. Rade Serbedzija gives a good performance as the father of Marko who wants his revenge by any ways necessary.
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