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Originally Posted by iank View Post
Anyone got any other recommendations for 70s British movies (horror, thriller or even comedy)?
I can definitely help you out here but need a bit more help as there's so much. The seventies were a great time for British film, especially the first half.

Here's a couple of horrors though - Death Line and The Shout, if you'd prefer a more conventional horror perhaps Tower of Evil.

I'm presuming you've seen The Wicker Man, Blood on Satan's Claw and Witchfinder General. WG is from 68 and although you said 70's that period 57-75 was the boom time in British horror.

The likes of Pete Walker barely put a foot wrong in the 70's. Frightmare would be a big recommendation as it mixes kitchen sink drama with gory horror. A curio might be House of Long Shadows, which itself isn't brilliant but it was the only time Lee, Cushing and Price starred together plus John Carradine.

As for comedies there were a lot of sexy style films released, affectionately known as 'Slap and tickle'. It's difficult to recommend these as they are possibly an acquired taste but Martin (Goldeneye) Campbell's The Sex Thief might be a good place to begin to see if they are for you.

There are so many great thrillers - Get Carter, Villain, Robbery, Payroll, The League of Gentlemen... really need this one narrowing down to something a bit more specific. Again not all 70's but in that classic period.

This subject is so broad, but please feel free to ask anything you like, Ian. Even if you think it daft.

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