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The English game,

Netflix 6 episodes.

Reasonable star studded cast in this true story of fergus suter the Scottish player who moved to Darwen then Blackburn, who changed and made football what it is today and become the first recognised paid player in the sport, football was still in the early stages and was mainly for the rich and upper class as a pastime hobby and suter made it into a recognised Everyman sport by sticking up to FA who tried their best to ban Blackburn from the finals because they were afraid to be beat by the workingman.

The outline of the story is true but like most Netflix period dramas they have added elements that are just for dramatisation (but then again dont most true stories )

Some people like it some didn't because they can be a bit too picky about real facts, there isn't much background about Suter or what he did when he left, just more about how the sport got recognised by suter playing for Darwen then their rivals Blackburn getting into the finals, I watched it because it was a true story based around my hometown, I don't even like football.

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