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Originally Posted by Nostalgic View Post
I can't work from home, my wife is struggling to homeschool our son as too much being sent by the school & she actually WORKS from home, so has 1 hour a day to teach him. I don't think I'll be watching any films for a while.

The amount of people using coronavirus as an excuse to watch a f@cking boxset when there are people out there forced to work is bullsh!t.

Nhs workers=heroes
Retail workers= abused daily & probably infected. . Ignored.
that's sad. on the flipside in my area i haven't seen any disrespect towards retail workers but then again i did avoid panic buying phase. i also work in the food/feed industry although my role is deemed non-essential at the moment so i'm well aware of the importance of the farm to fork food chain. not downplaying the nhs but it's true that they get all the lauding when others are doing their bit at the coal face too. stay strong Nos - there are people out there who appreciate it

hope you don't mind me offering some advice on homeschooling as we went through a mini-meltdown with it but have come up with a good system now. what we are doing is is sticking to our sons school timetable. if there is something on the timetable for which nothing has been issued then we use that period to catch up on subjects where it wasn't possible to fit it all in. any problems we are contacting the teachers direct by e-mail (at first this wasn't working but it seems the teachers are up to speed with their replies now). the other thing i would say is not to stress too much about it if they haven't been issued work - just give them some free time until something turns up. if it look like they have too much try and space it out over a number of periods. if its really overwhelming contact the school and find out what the hell they are playing at. for a lot of schools this is a new system also and there are bound to be teething issues before they themselves settle into a routine.
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