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Originally Posted by Rob4 View Post
I doubt Halloween 3 as I wouldn't class it as a slasher. Truth be told though, I'd rather have 3 than 2. Actually, both please...

Slight aside. I noticed the BFI's Short Sharp Shocks includes The Errand. As I recall this was the support feature for Halloween 3 when I saw it in the cinema on its original release.
Let's face it, scream factory and other Region A labels have released the classics. I resisted buying a multi region player for so long but I folded & got one (Australian Godzilla sets.....THANK YOU!!!) so now sadly have most I want. I can only imagine most folks have done the same, so Arrow have missed out.

I appreciate the obscurity of the stuff they're putting out, I'm just not going to buy it. I still think they're awesome but the classics have been done!

Hoping it's something I haven't thought of!
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