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Originally Posted by Rob4 View Post
That's disappointing as its unlikely that much will fall below the 15 threshold now. It doesn't explain why so much is unavailable though?

I saw somewhere the 15 VAT threshold has been extended to July 31st. Hopefully that info is correct.
I believe the official word is EU countries is the end of July (due to Covid delays) but since we left, it's still January for us

Doesn't explain the low stock levels, but it's not just them affected has a lot of items unavailable, perhaps there are supply issues generally in the US at the moment?

I ordered Sleepaway Camp from Wow at the start of the month, it was out of stock for ages, but I put an email alert on it, came back in and was only 10.20, surprisingly low for a Scream Factory, bought it and it was out of stock again the next day!

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