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Wicked Science: The Truth Is Out There. A heated competition between Elizabeth and Sasha over the school science fair takes a back seat when Jack gets access to Elizabeth's secret lab, a truth serum - and a video camera. This one starts off looking like it's going to be a bit meh - and Sasha's sudden bitchiness to Elizabeth seems a bit random and out of nowhere - but escalates into a surprisingly tense affair as Jack comes closer than ever to exposing Toby and Elizabeth's secret. Toby and Elizabeth working together is always fun, and it's indicative of the strange relationship they have this season, as even though Toby refuses to countenance the prospect of a relationship with her and remains combative with her, there's a mutual trust and understanding between them nonetheless - and, kind of following on from last week, Verity using the truth serum to force Elizabeth into admitting she likes her is both funny and sweet.
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