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Seeing as people were debating Dracula and ~Frankenstein films, or at least saying favourites then i have to say Bela,is a solid count but the films too slow, my favourite Bela vampire film is the "Return of the vampire" not necessarily Dracula in name but might as well be and it's goofy as hell with his wolfman sidekick and the War setting is unusual.

Actual favourite Dracula film is either Dracula, Prince of darkness, Dracula has risen from the grave or Blood for Dracula because they are either the ones i remember watching most as a kid or are just entertaining.

The one i think is the best as a proper adaption is the Louis Jordan BBC job.

I'm with Dem on my favourite Frankenstein films, the original Karloff or Frankenstein must be destroyed, although i've warmed to Frankenstein and the monster from hell since the Blu release as it's ****in nuts, and also features Madeline Smith.

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