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Who: Before And After #321
Name: Alan Bennion
Year(s): 1969 / 1972 / 1974
Stories: The Seeds Of Death episode 1 The Seeds Of Death episode 6 / The Curse Of Peladon episode 1 The Curse Of Peladon episode 4 / The Monster Of Peladon episode 4 The Monster Of Peladon episode 6
Character(s): Slaar / Izlyr / Azaxyr

Before Who:
Film: Carry On Up the Khyber (1968)
Television: Send Foster: The Drama Critic / Sexton Blake: The Great Tong Mystery / Meeting Point: The House by the Stable / Late Night Horror: William and Mary / The First Lady: Print and Be Damned / Z Cars [6 episodes, different characters (1968-1972)]/ The Jazz Age: The Princess / The Expert: Lethal Weapon

After Who:
Films: Hamlet (1970), Psychomania (1973), Events in a Museum (1983), God's Outlaw (1986), The Moneymen (1987), Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less (1990), B & B (1992)
Television: Paul Temple: Kill or Cure / The Troubleshooters: I'm Glad I'm Just an Oilman... / Big Brother: The Eleventh Commandment / A Family at War: We Could Be a Lot Worse Off* / The Organization: Peter Frame and Veronica / Softly Softly: Task Force: Paper Chase / Orson Welles' Great Mysteries: Captain Rogers / Six Days of Justice: Case for Committal / Thriller: Sign It Death* / Justice: Trial for Murder / New Scotland Yard: A Year to Kill / Wilde Alliance: Time and Again / Armchair Thriller: The Victim / The Gentle Touch: Maggie's Luck / Pig in the Middle: Why Don't You Move in with Me? / Juliet Bravo: Aunt Sally / Wilfred and Eileen / Oliver Twist / The Collectors: Touch and Go / Sorry!: The Primal Scene, So to Speak / The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Second Stain / Me and My Girl: Poor Uncle Derek / Square Deal / Spatz: Extortion / Holding the Baby / Next of Kin: Neighbours

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Just because we get around

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