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As a birthday present a kid decides to clean his dads hunting rifles but accidentally shoots and kills his mother. The boys father hits the bottle pretty hard and has numerous breakdowns. Years later the son is grown up and in collage he receives a call from his father asking him to go and lock up their beach out for the winter he is pretty reluctant to do it but his friends convince him to take they trip with them in tow obviously. A weekend at the beach beers and sex what else could you want...... some sex at least would of been nice

The bloody teens or young adults or settled mid 50s mid life crisis group of collage kids or what ever they are supposed to be are the most boring dry group off asshole you could find. Sharing a six pack between six people no dope no sex playing monopoly and hid and go seek in a small beach house the fun never stops with these clowns . As soon as a chore chart is pulled out i would of been out of there ASAP. The first guy that dies has the most over the top death milking his screen time for all it was worth plus he delivers his lines like a bloody cave man. Its not all bad acting just so many lame choices like the hide and go seek she hides behind a cool box on the kitchen table she is just sitting there making no effort what so ever . I dont care if your budget is 5 bucks you could still walk up stairs and get under a bed or sit in the wardrobe . The while group is just lame as F**K.

All that said i love this film the gore and kills are all brilliant its just so entertaining.

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