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Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

Blu-ray gave this previously unloved by me movie a new lease of life last night.

As much as the picture quality of blu-ray is a step up from dvd it's the surround sound that is the true difference and makes HD viewing such an immersive experience.

The opening twenty minutes as Alice (Milla Jovovich) and her clones attack the Tokyo based Umbrella HQ was stunning. Bullets richochet from speaker to speaker, knives whoosh around the room and explosions shake the walls, but it's the quieter sounds that are the real joy such as smashed glass windows tinkling to the ground around my head and the sound of a shower as though i'd just walked into it myself. These Resident Evil discs are a fabulous showcase for a quality 5:1 surround sound system.

Perhaps watching Afterlife so soon after the previous three films helped enhance my enjoyment of it. I've always felt it was a make weight entry to the series and one that doesn't really carry the overall plot much further along the line, but last night it made more sense, had some excellent set pieces (The Axeman and his thundering axe) and i had a good time with it.

As a final thought. Why is Wentworth Miller always imprisoned? Talk about type cast.
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