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Lovely Molly. 2011.

Molly and her new husband move into her childhood home, with her husband away and Molly being a ex drug addict, memories from her childhood come back and believes she is being haunted by a demon.

This is the second time watching this and still find it confusing, don't get me wrong the acting from Gretchen Lodge as Molly is brilliant and is able to play a ex addict decently, but the plot of the story is confusing, is she really being haunted or is she relapsing or is the stuff her and her sister smoking causing them to hallucinate and bring back repressed memories for them both?

The tone of the film is dark which helps generate the atmosphere of the story within a secluded house and does a have similarity of the film The Entity to it, like where Molly goes she seems to be followed and create a lot of suspense and tension to the film, maybe a third watch will help at some point.

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