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One last reminder! Our Big HALLOWEEN SALE begins tomorrow at 9 AM PST! Nearly our entire in-print catalog will be discounted! Shipping fees will be discounted too! Four brand new Red Case LE Blus will be up for pre-order! And there will be a bundle option to pick them all up in one go! DON'T MISS OUT

Also, a head's up - don't be alarmed but our Big Cartel storefront, where the sale will be happening, will close down later this afternoon and will only re-open when the sale goes live tomorrow at 9 AM PST (google what time that is where you live). So if you go by later today or early tomorrow and it's "under maintenance" don't panic. The store will open promptly at the time we have announced.

See you tomorrow!

For us in the UK that's 5pm 21st Oct
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