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The region friendly Vinegar Syndrome US blu-ray of Dario Argento's Trauma arrived today.

I'm pleased with the speed of arrival, took only two days once despatched, I can't fault Fed Ex. Had a sneak peek and it looks very nice, will watch it tomorrow afternoon with a couple of beers. It's the first presentation of the longer Italian cut that's all in English (audio for the Italian version's additional scenes was taken from a workprint) and I'm really curious to check out those parts.

There's a lot of extras, I've watched the 23 minute Argento interview and will check out more tomorrow. I looked at the PAL sourced workprint which has around ten minutes of exclusive footage and has a different soundtrack. I knew it would look rough but it's even worse than I expected. I just checked out the different introduction of Asia's character in the first five minutes, probably will never watch the rest. Nice to have as an extra but pretty much unwatchable imo.

Should be a fun Thursday viewing for my wife and I.
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