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Originally Posted by BW Haggar View Post
Hello folks -

Long time listener, first time caller here.

Basically, Iím sitting on approx 120 VHS tapes which I desperately need to get rid of for space reasons. Nothing valuable/collectable Iím afraid (mostly Ď90s sell-throughs with a few older big boxes thrown in), but a good range of horror, cult, arthouse, Asian and classic Hollywood titles.

If you think you can give any of them a new home, theyíre yours, free of charge. The attached pics provide a representative sample, but not everything is included, so please drop me a line if youíre interested and Iíll be happy to provide a full list with notes on condition of the cases (which is.. variable, letís say). Happy to provide photos of individual cases or to test out the tapes if needed.

In particular, if anyone out there is still interested in collecting Redemption/Salvation releases on VHS, well, todayís yr lucky day, because Iíve got about twenty of the blighters to shift. Itís very sad to have to get rid of them, as they pretty much provided my gateway into the wonders of euro-horror back in the day and carry heavy nostalgic value, but... I just canít justify hanging on to these old tapes anymore.

If anyone is interested in taking just a few of these tapes, I'll be happy to put them in the post to UK addresses, but for a larger number, or for international mailing - well, we'll have to work something out I suppose. Everything is available for free collection from South East London, but Iím afraid I donít drive, soÖ open to ideas if youíre a VHS hoarder who lives further afield!

Thank you for your time, and of course feel free to divert this thread into random VHS memories and tactics for re-homing or (choke) disposing of Ďem, if you wish.
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