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Originally Posted by Rob4 View Post
It seems strange that they would follow a policy of inclusivity to foster division? Isn't there a paradox in your analysis? Or is it that it fosters division only in a certain type of person?

I must admit I rolled my eyes too as it does feel like its a decision based on 'isn't it about time we had a Doctor who was... (fill in minority)'. However, just like Duane Jones in NotLD perhaps he did simply have the best audition?

It's not the ethnicity of the Doctor that troubles me it's the direction of the show in general which seems to be 'the message' is more important than the story.

I'm also not hugely optimistic about RTD's return as most second time around's cannot recapture the past. Just ask us Newcastle United fans about Kevin Keegan's second coming...

Anyway, we will see. It surely can't get any worse than it already is...?
Having worked in the BBC back in the 1990's , I can tell you the BBC is nothing more than a mouthpiece to the State, and whatever agenda needs pushing out to the wider audience, namely the public , who pay a rather heavy ransom for the luxury of being socially engineered by the BBC and its left wing or right wing dictates. Though I've noticed it throughout UK media more and more in the last decade. Considering Russell T. Davies views himself as a diverse man with a moral compass, and takes the values of the BBC to his heart, I would say that Dr Who will be in safe hands with it's ethnic beat still intact. Woke Who replaced by Diversity Who. Switch and Bait. But of course, Dr Who will now appeal to those with the acceptance of a diverse and inclusive society that the BBC sets out to mandate upon the UK populous.
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