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Illegal Aliens (2007)

The final project producer and star Anna Nicole Smith would undertake prior to her untimely death aged just 39 that same year.

Illegal Aliens is a film i've seen two or three times now on dvd and it always amazes me not only by how terrible it is but also by how much i actually enjoy it.

Smith plays one of three aliens who take the form of Californian babes sent to Earth to prevent an alien outlaw committing genocide. Okay, fair enough. Been there done that already etc.

However not in such a batshit bonkers kind of way as this film does it. Smith's ditzy blonde is practically child like in her behaviour - Witness her playing Light Sabers (with sound effects) with a vibrator as she tries to work out what it is - which is weird to begin with at least until she transforms into a car, bus, then a you do.

Then there's the intergalactic terrorist played by Joanie (Chyna) Laurer. Another star of this film who also passed away too early. Laurer plays the villain like some sort of even crazier cousin of Bobcat Goldthwaite's Zed from the Police Academy series. Weird and off putting to begin with but quickly growing on you, well me anyway.

The film playfully engages pop culture - the three girls take their orders from a hologram called Syntax for example, very reminiscent of Charlie's Angels, so obvious is the influence that Smith walks in and says "Hello Charlie" to it - it's also not afraid to take the piss out of itself which is fun.

The end is very left field, When Laurer is defeated, the director walks on set and calls it a wrap. Former Dynasty star John James, who is a producer of the film, mutters to himself about how inept it's all been and the camera pans round the crew as the credits roll telling us who everyone is rather than their names rolling up the screen as is the norm. It's all quite engaging really.

Illegal Aliens isn't a film i can recommend because to put it bluntly it's crap, but also enjoyable crap if in the right frame of mind. It makes other dumb sci-fi comedies such as Dude, Where's My Car seem like 2001 meets Blade Runner in comparison.
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