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Easily the best of the Disney star wars films. Telling the story of how the plans for the deathstar are gotten by a band of rebel's and the lead designer daughter . The film shows that the rebel's aren't as white as white as the other films made them out to be.

It's is pretty dark and downbeat for star wars all of the main characters die, you are expecting even after the firing of the deathstar for the heroes to escape but it's not meant to be . My favourite character is K-2SO voiced by Alan Tudyk.

I've always enjoyed this even if it's not been that we'll received .

When they film was released people where left wondering how can Ripley be in it, she threw herself into a furnace.

But our questions is soon answered when we found out she was cloned to get the baby queen. But this cloning has had a side effect that Ripley is part alien now, stronger, faster than a normal human and acid for blood with a connection to the aliens .

When a smuggler ship arrives on the base Ripley is on shit goes sideways when the aliens escape and Ripley and the smugglers have to find away to escape . We have Ron pearlman who always makes things better , Brad Dourif and Winona Ryder as annoying synthetic. I always felt sorry for Ripley's baby. I do think a army of super Ripley's would of been a better choice than the aliens .

I would of loved to of seen more a super Ripley (and the baby just see how powerful it is).

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