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Cyborg. 1989.

Got no idea why this popped into my head to watch but god knows why too much caffeine or not enough clouding my mind A somewhat distant future that's been ravaged by a plague and a woman heading to Atlanta as she holds the cure cos she is a cyborg enlists slinger JCVD to help her.

The Cannon guys team up with the Muscles from Brussels again for this futuristic action film and enlist director Albert Pyun to helm the directors chair, budget for this does seem low as they are using paintball guns/rifles and I bet they still hurt. Vincent Klyn plays the bad guy Fender who thisnks holding the cure info will make him a god, but with his eyes it's more like Satan and is a decent antagonist who doesn't care who he hurts or kills. As cheesey as this one is, it still keeps me quiet when Deborah Richter runs naked to the water.

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