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Alone In The Dark. 2005.

A detective of the paranormal tries to unravel a mystery of the death of his friend and uncovers a artifact that can bring forces of darkness to live again.

I first saw this about 10 years ago and really couldn't quite grasp it, Stephen Dorff and Christian Slater both decent good actors in a film and should really work but i'm still baffled, are these shadow things monsters or aliens? With the title it does have a dark atmosphere, with the lights out it can be sore on the eyes, lights on and you hardly see shit so more strain on the eyes. Tara Reid's character seems to be a paleontologist then part switches to a demonologist then back again. Maybe a third watch at some point. I remeber seeing the second one but can't remember much about it.

" I have seen trees that look like tortured souls"
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