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Castle Freak. 1995.

A troubled couple and their blind daughter inherit a castle in Italy unaware of the family secret that still resides within the castle.

Director Stuart Gordon returns with another Lovecraft short story The Outsider and with writer Dennis Paoli are able to make it a full length feature film that for me is very underrated.

Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton play the not so happy couple with blind daughter Jessica Dollarhide who have recently inherited a castle which was owned by the President Of Full Moon Pictures, kudos to him for allowing a film to be made there.

Gordon's direction is great and able to keep pace with the Gothic atmosphere within the castle and give us all the gore we want. Is it a trade in Italy for women to have their boobs bitten off? The bumps round the nipples is braille for suck me not bite me, unless they are into that but Raffaella Offidani didn't appreciate it. Jonathan Fuller place the unwanted house guest Giorgio and was able to pull off a creepy persona even under all the make-up he went through.

" I have seen trees that look like tortured souls"
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