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Daughter Of Darkness. 1990.

An American girl travels to Romania to search for her father, only to get entangled with mystery and vampires.

Second Stuart Gordon movie and this was a made for TV movie with Mia Sara playing Kathy Thatcher who is searching for her father who disappeared 20 years earlier and meets Anthony Perkins who tells her that the man she is looking for is dead. Perkins plays a Romanian but surely his accent could have been done better but still has a strong on screen presence.

There is a good dark tone sinister atmosphere in this that blends in with the country, at times the acting may be a bit wooden from Robert Reynolds and Erika Bodnar, the effects for the "fangs" if you can call them that are decently done (the tongue opens up) but only seen once up close and at times seems a bit rushed but still entertaining.

" I have seen trees that look like tortured souls"
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