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Default October 22nd

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

A New York police constable played by Johnny Depp is sent to the village of Sleepy Hollow to investigate the murder and decapitation of three of its citizens. Once there he learns of the mythical ghostly Headless Horseman whom the locals are sure is the killer.

Once again working with his favoured actor in Depp, Burton also brought together the best of British - Miranda Richardson, Michael Gambon, Christopher Lee, Alun Armstrong, Richard Griffiths, Michael Gough and Ian Mcdiarmid. Christopher Walken gives a marvelous portrayal of the Horseman and Christina Ricci is the haunted heroine. With this deep pool of acting talent the film was never going to fail.

Burton perfects his love of Gothic imagery in Sleepy Hollow, from the misty woods to the numerous jack o' lanterns lighting the way. His greatest creation being the Horseman itself. A dark scary figure riding a pure black stallion, sound systems positively thunder whenever the horse charges into a scene. Burton hasn't skimped on the bloodletting either, with numerous decapitations seen on screen, as the films tag line suggests "Heads will roll" and they sure do.

The film is superbly photographed with editing that ramps up the excitement whenever the Horseman appears whilst letting the viewer see the on screen action. Composer and Burton regular Danny Elfman pulls out all the stops with a wonderful score.

It really didn't take Sleepy Hollow long to become a Halloween favourite and it's stayed like that to this day.
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