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Schindler's List. 1993.

First time actually seeing this all the way through and this was tough to sit through, think I had a few smoke and coffee breaks during this. As we all know the persecution of the Jewish families and what they went through yet this film tells the tale of one man who was a Nazi member and admittedly a profiteer who managed to save the lives of 1100 of his workers.

Liam Neeson cannot be faulted for his portrayal as business man Oskar Schindler who managed to gain trust with the German SS and able to negotiate prices for the release of his workers to safety. Near the end where he announces that the war is over and how he admitted about what he was and what may happen, Neeson's delivery of that speech is very powerful and almost feels like you are forgetting your watching a film.

Ralph Fiennes portrayal as Amos Goeth is as colder as his Voldermot portrayal in the Harry Potter and able to show some compassion then switches to a cold hearted soldier who remembers his duty and not caring who he picks off. The end title card says he was arrested, tried and convicted of his crimes and was hung, at least he got his karma and shows crime does not pay. This is a haunting movie especially with the little girl in the red coat that shows there is a symbol of hope and salvation but eventually we are shown that no one can be safe. I'm sure someone was definitely cutting up a onion at the end to make my eyes water.

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