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Originally Posted by Rob4 View Post
I've just done the poll too for a bit of fun. Interestingly there were so many poor later Tom Baker stories I think Jon Pertwee came out with the best average.

I only gave out three 10s. I did give Genesis a 10 mainly based on the Davros scene which is just a great piece of writing and acting.

Caveat: I don't have the new blurays and its a very long time since I've seen any of these stories so my scores might differ if I'd seen them more recently.
I really can't stress how much better the new Blu-rays are. Not just the picture and sound but the whole package for each story.

I'm currently watching The Ultimate Foe (Trial's final two episodes) and there's six hours of extras to watch. That doesn't include commentaries.

And that's just one disc. There's six in total.

The likes of Arrow, Powerhouse, Criterion and co don't come close to these Blu-rays as far as all round packages go.
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