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Waterloo. 1970.

First time actually sitting down and watching this and to see Rod Steiger's performance as the French Emperor Napoleon is amazing and exactly as you would picture the historical figure. It also depicts how a military genius who lays waste to most of Europe but cannot overcome his own inner-demons. Steiger's portrayal, unlike most depictions of Napoleon, shows both the Emperor's military and political fervour as well as his anxiety, insecurity and mental anguish.

Christopher Plummer takes on the role of one of Britain's great heroes, Plummer's performance is beautifully underacted and Plummer chooses to show both Wellington's massive ego and his sharp and witty sense of humour. Like Napoleon, and most English aritocrats, Wellington was also an eccentric.

The battle scenes are exceptional, although perhaps not quite bloody enough to give an accurate depiction of the horror and carnage of warfare at that time. But for a film thats over 2 hours long this was a great movie to sit through with peace and quiet.

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