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On a remote island there is a famous and very very exclusive restaurant that is by no means cheap. The diners come for not just the food but the whole experience. Things start off pretty run of the mill but soon the guests start to become impatient not with the quality of the food but the way in which it is served. What's starts out as fancy arty presentation soon turns into a lecture of morality greed and a lack of understanding of how regular people live the sort of people that couldn't afford to come to such a place. As the evening goes on people's darkest secrets begin to be exposed.

Right off the bat I loved every minute of The Menu Ralph Fiennes is brilliant showing such a range of emotions behind his sinister demeanor he is broken lost and vulnerable. The whole thing has a uneasy feel to it not knowing what's going to happen next. What made me love this even more is the fact that when I go to restaurants they are always full of the type of assholes that are in this film people talking complete b*LL*X about their dinner and drinks.

I'll keep it brief as hopefully it will surprise people as much as it surprised me I was expecting something totally different .

Recommended 100%
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