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A bunch of ships and submarines are being destroyed in the artic circle , so the tiger shark the world's most advanced sub is sent too investigate and soon learns it's the work of a under water UFO. A very enjoyable b movie which was like a extended episode of voyage to the bottom of the sea, sure they did a similar story years later.

Another enjoyably 50s b movie , here a engineer/ pilot working for the navy says he say a UFO , he isn't believed until other aircraft start disappearing . They soon find that it's not UFO in the traditional sense big gigantic flying turkey the loves snaking on people, it also has a antimatter shield which makes it invincible. The creature looks quite laughable but also a little creepy at the same time .

A interesting little Aussie horror, which a ex con working on his brother's farm begins noticing strange things happening animals attacking and dying for no reason , people acting strangely and violently and strange burnt circles on the ground. It's a bit of a slow burn but was enjoyable and kept me hook from beginning to end.

Another enjoyably 50s monster movie. When a group of violent and gruesome deaths occurs in a small town some of the locals think it's the work of monster , but most don't believe this until it pops out of freezer carrying a bloody surveyed head.

This is surprisingly bloody and gruesome for it's time with the head and the brutal slaying of a young girl.

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