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Originally Posted by J Harker View Post
Has anyone seen Mystery Junction?

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I have it on dvd.

here's what i said

Mystery Junction (1951)

Stalwart English actor Sydney Tafler plays a crime writer who finds life is soon imitating his art when he's recognized by a fellow passenger on a train. It soon becomes clear that in the next carriage the police are escorting a dangerous criminal. When a shot rings out events take a turn for the worse.

Once thought lost forever this basically two room production which comes over as a British version of Key Largo except set in a snowstorm rather than a tornado,is actually rather clever and deliciously inventive especially in it's denouement. At only 61 minutes the story cracks on from first minute to last and wastes no time in springing the questions on the viewer. Although quite tame now it was probably hard boiled for it's time and could easily be classed as a British take on the American Noir genre.

The print, a co-restoration between Network and the BFI looks amazing for such an unknown but worthy film.
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