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No Retreat, No Surrender. 1985.

Kurt McKinney plays the young Bruce Lee fan who's family relocate after a crime syndicate want to use his father's karate studio for a business front. After being humiliated Jason seeks help with the spirit of Bruce Lee to guide him.

The one movie that helped Van Damme get a career in th films and basically all he had to do was show a one straight face say a couple of lines and fight. What makes me laugh in this is Tim Baker's character Tom, who shows he can fight and run a studio yet can't stand up to a few guys. 80s cheese fest at its best with Tae-Jeong Kim (who doubled for Bruce Lee after his death) to play Lee. The fight scenes are decently choreographed by Corey Yuen who went on to work with some great American and Hong Kong stars and a decent soundtrack.

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