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Originally Posted by MrBarlow View Post
Who Dares Wins. 1982.

Lewis Collins plays the former S.A.S captain who gets embroiled in a activist group that are terrorists who take a American Secretary Of State residency hostage and demand a nuclear warhead to target a air base.

This was a decent action thriller that used real S.A.S soldiers to storm the house of the Ambassador but before all that there is a good build up thriller and tense moments through out the film.

Both Judy Davis and Ingrid Pitt carry off superbly powerful female roles written beyond chitty chatty talking women posing with small machine guns. Particularly Pitt who's performance adds a sadistic ominance whenever she's on screen and has a good way of killing people and making it look like a accident. There is a good band of actors such as Edward Woodward, Richard Widmark, Paul Freeman mixed in who give out a decent performance and able to take things seriously on a actual situation that makes it more believable.

This was one of those films that I may not have enjoyed but quite the opposite. Worth a watch.

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I like Who Dares Wins. Got it on Blu. It seemed to be a tv staple when i was growing up.

I might be wrong but it feels like it's the most realistic representation of counter terrorism tactics ever filmed. That and North Sea Hijack. Almost blink and you'll miss 'em.
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