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Tbh I havent been on doctor who thread for a while,

I've just gone back 5 pages and didn't spot this,

If it's already been posted and I haven't seen it then I really do apologise and feel free to delete.

It's a podcast about the missing episodes

Hi folks! Something a bit different for you today. I recently interviewed John Clancy, John Franklin and TV producer Paul Vanezis to discuss film collecting, TV on film, missing TV shows and the upcoming event ďFilm is Fabulous!Ē (which Iíll be attending and canít wait!)

Iím primarily a fan of Doctor Who and vintage TV in general, so the issue of missing episodes and film collectors have some overlap. Utterly fascinating from my point of view - the Johns were absolutely fantastic. I hope the title doesnít put you off - I donít think we mention Daleks onceÖ
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