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Originally Posted by Philleh View Post
Not sure if it's classed as your typical abuse but there was some 'fondling' of a male childs bits, by women, in both Realm of the Senses and Bare Behind Bars.

There's also the story about Sweet Sweetbacks Baaaaaadass Song, in which Melvin (van Peebles) made Mario have sex on screen when he was 12 or 13?
Yeah. Once uncut. Now cut.
Seems wacky Daddy Peebles lied about his son's age and so no cuts were made (hold on to those VHS copies guys!) but for the DVD they found out the truth and so the scene was cut.

Also of interest is the butchered UK versions of the excellent (Jamie Gillis RIP) "Through the Looking Glass" has removed all the more dubious (though never hardcore) scenes of the young girl actress in it and the sleeve has been crudely censored with a black marker to remove the tittilating blurb about her age (16 I think).
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