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Originally Posted by phelings View Post
Precisely because some people seem unable to understand why some people including me do not feel the need to buy the Arrow release of any title just because its there.

We are being told why we should support Arrow releases and I figured an explanation was better than saying "..because I don't want to".

5 seconds of footage is nothing really , however after escaping from the rules of the BBFC nearly 20 years ago via LD then dvd imports I'm not really interested in buying anything with BBFC cuts .

In fact I'm not sure I can even remember my last purchase of anything the BBFC cut.

Having lived through the Video Nasties era I find censorship abhorrent and will not tolerate the state telling me what I can and can't watch.

Having said that , I think resisting buying Inferno will be difficult without knowing when or if an alternative will be available
I totally agree that censorship is crap and this cut especially doesn't make sense at all but still this upgrade sure will be worth while. Cant wait to see it in HD on my 77" screen.

and no one is holding a gun to your head and saying you have to support Arrow so I really don't see your reason for posting this here. (but as I said its a free country). But c'mon it is a label worth supporting in my opinon. And who knows, there is still hope the cut will be waived.