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Originally Posted by Paul@Lovelockandload View Post
That scene's actually from ROBOCOP 2, Vipco, which was directed by Irvin Kershner.

I love Verhoeven, he's a great director and one that specialises in films that are unapologetically violent and explicit. I'm a big fan of ROBOCOP (hate the sequels), FOURTH MAN and BASIC INSTICT. Still not gotten round to seeing SOLDIER OF ORANGE or BLACK BOOK though.
My mistake, its been that long from i've seen any Robo Cop films the plot lines are a distant memory .
I think after the 3rd film I never bothered with the franchise .

Was'nt there a Robo Cop series on cable .?

Have seen Soldier of Orange, its not a war film in the traditional sense , but its very good.

Paul, while your here , you know a good bit about Blu Ray and upscaling , do you know anything about the best settings to set the PS3 for upscaling.?

If you do , could you please let me know , and as long as you don't mind , i'll PM you my enquiry .
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