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The Omen & Alien box-sets are a must buy at those current sale prices. The extras on the Alien set are worth ten quid alone in my opinion. I love the Alien films - the first film being one of my all time favourites. The third film is much better in the extended cut (included with the box-set).

I didn't know there was an Omen 4 (it's not bad, some nice touches) and have enjoyed the extras I've seen so far. Was a bit disappointed with the remake of The Omen as Liev Schriber wanders through the film as if in a coma. He's usually a superb actor but seems distracted through out the film. Julia Stilles is wonderful and brings a real sense of devastation to the role of Cathy. Well worth a look.

Another good buy was the Halloween 25 Years of Terror 4 disc set for only ten quid. Loads of extras, some of which are bit too talky for my liking.

I also bought series 4 & 5 of 'Oz' (HBO's prison drama). Series 5 was mis-priced at 12 quid in Asda (a great bargain) and Series 4 was only 19 quid.

I am now broke!
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