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Yeah,the Ewoks were crap! But compared to Jar Jar Binks,they were bad Muthas!

STAR WARS the original trilogy was phenomenal.I was a fanatic.Had the complete figure collection,all the annuals,posters,sticker albums,bubblegum cards,12'' figure collection,ships,the lot.

However,with the exception of Han Solo,the bad guys were ALWAYS the coolest!

DARTH VADER-Has there ever been a bigger movie idol synonomous with evil?

So along comes the late nineties.Anticipation reaches fever pitch,and along comes THE PHANTOM MENACE-WTF? Lucas has popped too many ecstacy tabs during the late 80's and '90's rave craze,and the only good thing about TPM is Darth Maul....

So we walk away thinking,okay next one can't be as bad,and out trundles Attack of the Clones WTF? George must be in recovery....okay it's a bit better,but not much.We have the saving grace of Jango Fett and Mace Windu doing a bit of damage.Oh and Christopher Lee as Dooku (Shameful name!) Really George.How dare you name Lord Summerisle and Count Dracula after a frigging Duck film you made!

So along comes the finale-our heads hung low in dread,we wait.
REVENGE OF THE SITH....Wait a minute-this isn't a bad title....but the last two were bollocks,so we trundle along expecting the worse....but hey what a pleasant surprise-this episode rocks!
Yoda kicks ass,Kenobi kicks ass....Grievous...Palpatine revealed.....Windu killed.....Hayden-boy frazzled...the birth of Vader....Peter Cushing lookalike!
**** me George that rehab worked! Third time lucky.....

Star Wars was the first film I saw on the big screen.A classic saga if ever there was one,even with the two weak links.

Only problem is...the Clone Wars animated series ain't scratching my itch....I need more.
Perhaps I need some of those tabs George was so fond of during his rave years.....

Oh and btw,McGregor's take on a younger Alec Guinness was spot on....

And no.I've never taken those tabs Mr Lucas was on.....

Teddy, I'm a Scotch drinker - you know that. I just have the occasional brandy when I'm not drinking.
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